The Business Group

The READYCRETE™ brand is owned by RBBR Infrastructure, a part of the Daga Group - a group with a 200 year old business history and existing business interests in Mining & Mineral Processing, Imports and Exports, Dental Products and Real Estate. Our promoters also operate Mahavir Minerals Ltd, a mineral processing and mining firm with 25 mines across Rajasthan and production units that together have a 200,000 MT annual production capacity. Another Daga Group company, RBBR Exports, has been an exporter of ceramic raw materials for the last 14 years. With diversified interests such as these, our promoters bring valuable experience and insight to the table.

The Team

Our senior management and advisory board has experience in the concrete product industry for over 20 years, and is well exposed to relevant industry best practices. We have built a strong team of technically qualified engineers and executives, in order to maximize the quality of products we provide.

The Vision

Our primary focus will remain on providing sturdy, long lasting and reliable products to our customers, while constantly striving to bring innovations to infrastructure building. We consider all our clients as partners, and aim to work with them in speeding and easing infrastructure building.

Strategically, we hope to develop into a one-stop-shop for all products required in civil engineering applications, and expand our reach across the nation. We hope to create an organization that is innovative, adaptive and responsive to the needs of our customers - to make infrastructure easier for the world around us.