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Quality Focus and Engineering Ability

We are driven by a single focus to drive product quality, and to ensure that our products meet the standards set by our customers, their clients, and any third party agency.

We have undertaken a majority of steps to ensure that this is the case. Firstly, our factory is equipped with the highest standards of machinery. Our batching and mixing plant is equipped with a high performance Sicoma planetary mixer, proven to provide better concrete mixing than the standard pan or twin shaft mixer. The machine has two moisture probes, to ensure that water content in concrete is accurately monitored. The entire machine is run through an automatic SCADA system.

Our pipe machine is equipped with automatic controls for concrete feeding and vibration control. The main machine has been imported from a German company with decades of experience in the industry. We have developed a 15000 square foot production shed, equipped with an engineering office and R&D center, to ensure that production activities are strongly monitored. We are constantly experimenting with admixtures, chemical additives and allied products to improve the efficiency of our plant and the quality of our products.

We are continuously working on engineering innovative pre cast products that are not commonplace in India today, and have manufactured and supplied products such as manholes, precast tanks, valve chambers etc. We follow a rigorous Quality Assurance Plan for our material, process and product testing.

The main advantages derived from these systems include:

  1. The automatic machines combined with a highly skilled engineering team, allow us to manufacture high quality products with correct proportions of raw materials. Our finished product is therefore stronger and better than that of smaller, more local manufacturers.
  2. We derive higher quality than in-situ construction as our production is automated and monitoring is easier in a factory than at a site. Further, defects if any can be repaired/replaced easily in our factory environment, unlike site constructions.