ReadySan attempts to build toilets in Rural India to prevent open defecation and the health and hygiene problems that come with it. Our goal is to build 15000 toilets in 2015.

Rural India is in exigent need of toilets and private sanitation solutions. Open defecation and common toilets for multiple houses lead to a number of fatal and other diseases for both men and women. Privacy and hygiene are difficult to maintain where men and women are forced to share toilets. Schools in rural India often have boys and girls sharing toilets and this leads to problems that school authorities are unequipped to deal with. 

However, in most rural areas, cost, time and energy are seen as major hurdles when it comes to constructing toilets. Individual families find it cumbersome to deal with contractors and labour, acquisition of material and finally the construction of the toilet itself. 

ReadySan is dedicated to sanitation projects in south India and our aim is to make the construction and installation of quality toilets in rural areas across the region a quick and easy process.

We use the latest technologies in construction and plumbing to create a toilet block that can be built in a simple 3 hour process. We are working with several NGOs, designers, innovators and thinkers to develop the product further. Please like our Facebook page by clicking here or follow us on Twitter at the handle @readysanindia.

We look forward to your support!